Twin Spur Farm

mini australian shepherds & aussaliers

* We work with all our future puppy owners to help them pick the right puppy for their family. We reserve the right to refuse sale of any puppy to any family if we feel it is not a good fit. 

*DEPOSITS* All deposits are non-refundable. Deposits are $200 and go towards the puppy’s purchase price.  We will not hold a puppy without having received a deposit.  If we are unable to provide said puppy to you, all funds including deposit will be returned to you if you decide not to pick another puppy. A deposit assures we are holding a puppy only for you and it cannot be sold to anyone else. If you choose to back out, we would be losing potential sales while the puppy was marked as sold.  We put a hold on a puppy for 5 business days when we are told a deposit has been mailed. If it does not arrive in 5 business days and immediate arrangements are not made for the deposit, the puppy will be listed for sale.

*DEPOSIT LIST* In order to be put on our deposit waiting list, the $200 deposit must be paid.  You will then be on the list for the next available litter.  I have separate lists for merles & tris.

*WAITING LIST* I'm happy to add you to my contact list to be emailed if/when we have available puppies.  These are the puppies available once the deposit list has chosen their puppies.

*PAYMENTS* We accept Venmo, PayPal (3.5% will be added to the total), checks, money orders and cash for deposits.  You are welcome to break the balance up into payments if you wish.  We do not accept checks upon pick up as checks take 7-10 business days to clear.  Payment for any flight must be paid before the flight is booked, as I must pay at the time of booking & these are non-refundable.  Payment for the puppy is due in full (via PayPal, VENMO) at least 24 hours before the shipment day.  If you are not using PayPal, VENMO or Facebook Messenger, then the payment is due at least two weeks before the flight to give it time to clear before shipping.

*PUPPIES COME WITH* Your puppy will come with up to date vaccinations, and preventatives, a thorough vet check with health certificate, dew claws removed & tail docked (Aussies only), a 2 year genetic health guarantee, papers with his birth date, shot records and all other pertinent info, a leash & collar and a small baggie of his current food. If your puppy is being shipped, a crate will be included. 

*If your puppy is able to be registered, she/he will come with ASDR puppy papers. All papers are limited registry unless negotiated otherwise.  We sell most of our puppies with limited registration only, meaning they are sold as pets, not for breeding. If you are interested in full registration for breeding purposes, please contact us to discuss it further.

*We make no promise as to the adult size, coloring, personality etc of any dog.  There is no way to know for certain of the final outcome.  These are living animals and there can be surprises thrown in every once in a while.

*SHIPPING* We can ship puppies at buyer’s expense.  We ship puppies anywhere in the continental US for $350-450. These prices are current as of April 17, 2020. With the economic turmoil that COVID-19 is causing, I can't promise that shipping will be the same when June gets here. We only charge our actual costs on shipping so we do everything we can to keep the cost as low as possible.  Shipping fees are non-refundable. Once we have paid for shipping, we are not able to get a refund. We ship out of Tulsa, OK which is 2 hours south of us. We prefer to use American Airlines or United and we have always had good experiences with shipping our puppies with them. To ship your puppy, we would pick a shipping date that works for both of us and I book the flight on my end and send you all the information as soon as the flight is confirmed. The puppy gets a special vet visit to get his health certificate he needs to fly. You would pick up your puppy at the airport by showing your photo ID. Your puppy will come in a crate, with a leash and collar and bag of food on top. Sometimes AA doesn’t fly close enough to a customer, or their temperature requirements make it so we can’t use them. Then we will fly with either United or our last choice, Delta. When you pick up your puppy at the airport, you will get it either at cargo, or at the baggage claim office, depending on the airport. NO, the pups are not put on the baggage carousels. Yes, the area of the plane where the pups ride IS climate controlled. No, puppies do not enjoy being shipped, but we have never had one harmed or traumatized by being shipped. Shipping our puppies is the best way for us to get them to loving homes all over the United States. The puppy will be very glad to see you and will be ready to be comforted and loved on after their long day!

*DELIVERY* We can meet at buyer’s expense, at our availability within about 500 miles of Independence KS.  We charge $0.50/mile round trip and we use the shortest route as calculated by Google Maps.  Since our family farms, there are certain times of the year that our schedule is too busy to be able to deliver.  We always try our best to work out something with every buyer if we possibly can.

*Puppies must be at least 8 weeks old before it can leave our home. Some puppies we will keep even longer, depending on the puppy’s readiness.

*FEEDING* We feed Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy food. The Naturals line is very good food and we highly recommend it. You can usually find it at your local feed store. However, your puppy will come with enough of his current food for you to be able to switch him over to any high quality puppy food you like. If you would like a good site to compare different dog foods to find a good one, try

*PUPPIES UPBRINGING* Our puppies are born & raised in our home until they are old enough and the weather is nice enough for them to go outside and enjoy the great outdoors. They will spend time both indoor and outdoors from then until weaning age.  Nights are spent indoors. During the winter, the puppies are primarily indoors but taken outdoors to play when the weather allows. In the summer if it is too hot, the puppies are also indoors. We believe that puppies that spend plenty of time outdoors with lots of room are healthier, happier and easier to train in general. When the puppies are inside we have “puppy play time” where we let all the puppies out together (that are close in age and/or size) to play, socialize and run about. Whether they are inside or outside, our kids love playing with the pups, and you can often find them doing schoolwork or watching tv with a puppy on their lap.

*ILLNESS* Sometimes our puppies pick up parasites that are perfectly normal to farm living such as worms, coccidia and giarrdia. The latter two parasites can be difficult to detect and are normal to find in any farm dog. They do not cause a problem in a dog unless the dog becomes stressed and then it activates the parasite which can cause diarrhea which can be severe. It is quite normal for the stress of traveling and going home to a new environment to cause the your puppy to have diarrhea.  Most of the time this is no cause for concern.  There are inexpensive medicines to clear this up if it lasts more than a few days.

That being said, we treat ALL our puppies repeatedly for these parasites. However, occasionally a puppy will pick something up again after treatment and before it goes to it’s new home. We are always working harder to find ways to prevent this, but we want you to know that it is normal and we consider it to be a minor downside to puppies and dogs that truly get to enjoy life and are NOT kept constantly on wire or in kennels. Our dogs are healthy and happy and your puppy will be too. We just like to give people an honest head’s up so you know what to expect just in case. The majority of our puppies do not have parasites when they go to their new homes. No, your kids are not going to get these parasites from your puppies. We’ve never had to worm our kids and they live with these farm dogs and are constantly barefoot. The giarrdia that we are referring to is not the same that humans get.

*LIFE* We are happy to be of any assistance we can be during the life of your dog.  You are welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns, even months or years after you get your puppy.  Each puppy is special and we want to make sure each is in a loving, happy home.

This is the shot schedule we follow and recommend completing once you bring your baby home.

*QUESTIONNAIRE* We ask these questions not only to get to know a little about prospective buyers, but to insure that our puppies are going to amazing, forever homes. These aren’t ‘just puppies’ they are members of our family and we want the very best in life for them.  Please click below for the questionnaire.

Aussalier Application.pdf

Aussie Application.pdf

*PURCHASE CONTRACT* We require this to be signed and returned before we release your puppy.  Please click here for our contract.  Contract.pdf